Architect and multidisciplinary designer Monica Armani references the principles of the contemporary Bauhaus movement to create a new breed of luxury property,  a unique villa in the Costa Blanca that will sit at the pinnacle of the Spanish luxury property market. Bauhaus pioneer Mies van der Rohe’s once said "God is in the details”; and every detail of “Morning Breeze” has been personally designed by Monica Armani.

From the macro; building architecture and garden design, to the micro; paint on the walls, pool tiles, lighting, even the door-handles; every element has been hand-picked or hand-crafted by Monica Armani.

And in true Bauhaus style, Armani has created a space that connects with nature and enhances the sights and sensations of the local environment.

“We must listen to our surroundings and absorb its vast influences. Sustainability provides an important lens for our design approach, our use of technology, and our choice of materials, all for the long view. THE consideration driving our design approach at “Morning Breeze is to interpret the uniqueness of the location and create an exclusive, affective and lasting residence”. Monica Armani           

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